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If you would like to get in touch with the family, or purchase a 'Gavin MacLeod Collection' print with a donation to Prostate Action included, then please send an email to


The Gavin MacLeod Collection would like to thank the following people and businesses...

James Riach is a journalist for Sky Sports and The Guardian newspaper, and friend of Alastair MacLeod since primary school. James assisted Alastair in the writing of the ‘Info’ pages within the Collection where his sports writing talents were perfectly put to use.

Follow James on Twitter...@James_Riach

Quarmby Colour (website) are a high quality large format print studio based in Leeds and had a very good relationship with Gavin during his career, working together to professionally photograph the original artwork for storage as transparency which would then be utilised for producing lithograph prints, the most commonly used technique of the day.

Ron and son Damian Quarmby have both been a huge help throughout the process of reawakening Gavin's paintings, offering their expert opinion and eye for detail/quality.

Phil Munroe is a cartoonist and designer based in Leeds and was Gavin's best friend as well as Godfather to Alastair. Phil gave up much of his time and computing power to help get the best possible outcome from reproducing Gavin's artwork.

Rorie Grieve is a good friend of the MacLeod family and has an extensive knowledge of all types of motor racing and aircraft. Rorie was incredibly helpful during the caption writing for individual paintings, where his enthusiasm for the subjects led to an accurate and informative snippet of information alongside the artwork.

David Williams is a friend of Alastair and helped edit the website text.

Andrew Cowton of Glendale Studios in Halifax offered plenty of good advice on modern day printing techniques and applying them to the outdated transparencies on which Gavin's work is stored.



The Gavin MacLeod Collection was created by Gavin's youngest son Alastair with much help from all those mentioned on this page, where we would like to acknowledge those people and businesses.

Gavin's love of motorsport was so great that it was always going to influence those around him, particularly his two sons James and Alastair. Following Gavin's death, the family home studio in which he worked has remained much the same with large collections of racing magazines and hand made model cars adorning the shelves and cabinets, almost serving as a memorial to Gavin.

The family regularly use this space for producing artwork of their own or just to be reminded of the supreme talent with which Gavin was blessed. Hiding away within the mass of talent was a letter from Murray Walker to Gavin in which the legendary commentator thanked Gavin for two paintings he received of Fangio and Ayrton Senna. Upon reading this letter Alastair was inspired by the impact his father's work had on those who shared the passion for cars or aircraft, and in January 2011 set about the task of making such paintings available for more people than ever.

"My dad was never particularly good at using computers and much of his work was mostly seen by just those who attended race meets. People are always so bowled over when I show them a Gavin MacLeod painting and it makes me immensely proud to call him Dad.

"There are a number of places on the web where people can find images of Dad's artwork, though they never truely portray the quality of such intricate and detailed paintings. With 'The Gavin MacLeod Collection' I wanted to produce a space that would allow people around the world to properly appreciate the patience, detail and above all talent that Dad put into his work.

"Today computers dominate much of the practices that artists like Gavin once solely occupied and there is an increasing ideology to pay as little as possible for the artwork in our lives, often at the expense of quality. Dad was always a complete perfectionist and wanted his reproductions to be of the highest possible quality. Throughout the creation of 'The Gavin MacLeod Collection' I have upheld his philosophy and in the process hope to raise money for the cancer that took his life."

(Alastair MacLeod, 2011)Follow awm_macleod on Twitter